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The Ultimate Guide to Scoring 36 on ACT & 84 Real ACT Papers with Answer Keys

by SAT GrandMaster on February 27, 2021

Overall Preparation for ACT Test

First of all, vocabulary. The official requirement of the ACT is less than that of the SAT, so if you have a solid vocabulary foundation when preparing for the TOEFL test, you will most probably be fine. After mastering the vocabulary, you can then put in more time on improving reading speed and practising real papers.

Speed ​​has always been the most challenging factor in the ACT test. The best way to train your reading speed is through accumulation. Read more news articles, essays, and consciously speed up your reading speed. You can even try to speed up when preparing for tests such as TOEFL, by limiting yourself to complete the TOEFL reading part within 40 minutes.

Last but not least, there may be various tricks to score, but practising with the real papers is always the best choice. The real tests has the exact same time allocation as the real exam. It will be even better if you practise filling in the answer sheet. Set yourself in exam condition, stop immediately once the time is up, even if you have not completed filling in the answers.



English is actually just testing the usual grammar. When preparing for the test by doing the real papers, you can record down your mistakes and reason for making the error. Don't just think that it is carelessness if you get a simple question wrong. Carelessness is actually a manifestation of unclear grammatical concepts. Therefore, you can have a summary book with the grammatical concepts. Take note of words like not, except. Read and consider all of the answer choices before you choose the one that best responds to the question.



Reading is basically through accumulation, hence, if you ever encounter bottlenecks in a short period of time, stay calm and keep practising with the real papers to familiarise yourself with the exam.

The main way to increase your speed in doing the papers is through building your vocabulary and improving your reading speed. You must make sure that you are able to understand all the words in the passage and question in a glance. Underline the key words. The improvement of reading speed is through accumulation of reading more as mentioned above.

The tight examination duration makes checking almost impossible, hence, it is the best to get the correct answer while doing the papers. You can mark out those questions that you are uncertain of and come back to it after completing the whole paper. Each article should be limited to a quarter of the time, and the novel can take a little bit longer. Don't delay the overall pace in the questions because you are stuck at a particular question.



Only scientific calculator is allowed in the exam. Graphing calculator is not allowed. It is best to use the calculator that will be used during the test when practising with real papers. Practising with real papers will give you the most accurate simulation of the actual exam. This will better simulate your state and pace whole doing the actual exam.



The science sections is quite fair to both arts and science students, almost all the answers can be found in the article. There's no testing of scientific knowledge. Therefore, do not come up with the answer based on your own judgement, always go back to the text to find the correct answer.

During preparation for the exam, you need to train yourself to read charts. Don't waste time struggling with topics that you might not be familiar with, such as geography and astronomy. You can skip the article first to ensure the overall correct answer rate. Sometimes you will encounter two questions that are linked with only slightly changed conditions. Be sure to read the options carefully. If the answer you came out with does not match any of the options, you must take a good look at whether you have misunderstood any important information. 



The depth and breadth of argumentation in writing is better than that of TOEFL composition. When preparing for the exam, you can memorise some specific news and examples, however, it is not compulsory to do so. Of course, the more unique the argument and evidence, the better. The handwriting should be clear, you don't need to pursue deliberate neatness, as long as it's easily legible.


Collection of 84 Real ACT Papers with Answer Keys

2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2020

2020 June ACT Form C02; 2020 July Form C01

4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2019

2019 April ACT Form B04; 2019 April ACT Form Z15; 2019 June ACT Form B02; 2019 December ACT Form C03

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2018

2018 April ACT Form A09; 2018 June ACT Form A11; 2018 December ACT Form B05

4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2017

2017 April ACT Form 74F; 2017 June ACT Form 74C; 2017 September Form 75A; 2017 December ACT Form A10

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2016

2016 April ACT Form 73E; 2016 June ACT Form 72F; 2016 December Form 74H

4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2015

2015 April ACT Form 73G; 2015 June ACT Form 73C; 2015 December ACT Form 72E; 2015|2016 ACT Form 72C

5 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2014

2014 April ACT Form 71H; 2014 June ACT Form 72C; 2014 September Asia ACT Form 65B; 2014 October Asia ACT Form 70B; 2014 December ACT Form 72G

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2013

2013 April ACT Form 71G; 2013 June ACT Form 71C; 2013 December ACT Form 71E

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2012

2012 April ACT Form 70G; 2012 June ACT Form 70C; 2012 December ACT Form 71A

4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2011

2011 April ACT Form 67F; 2011 June ACT Form 69F; 2011 June Asia ACT Form 67B; 2011 December ACT Form 70A

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2010

2010 April ACT Form 68G; 2010 June ACT Form 68C; 2010 December ACT Form 69A

5 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2009

2009 62D; 2009 January ACT Form 61F (Also 2004 April); 2009 April ACT Form 66F; 2009 June ACT Form 67C; 2009 December ACT Form 68A

7 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2008

2008 ACT Form 61B; 2008 April ACT Form 65D; 2008 June ACT Form 66C; 2008 December ACT Form 67A; 2008|2009 ACT Form 62D; 2008|2009 Practice ACT Form 2MC; 2008|2009 Practice ACT Form 3MC

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2007

2007 April ACT Form 64E; 2007 June ACT Form 65C; 2007 December ACT Form 65E

4 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2006

2006 January ACT Form 61C; 2006 April ACT Form 63E; 2006 June ACT Form 63F; 2006 December ACT Form 63D

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2005

2005 April ACT Form 60E; 2005 June ACT Form 61D; 2005 December ACT Form 63C

1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2004

2004 April ACT Form 61F

2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2003

2003 January ACT Form 59F; 2003 December ACT Form 61E

3 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2002

2002 January 59C; 2002 March 55C; 2002 ACT Form 57B

2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2001

2001 January ACT Form 56B; 2001 December ACT Form 58E

1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 2000

2000 ACT Form 57B

1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1999

1999 January ACT Form 54D

1 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1997

1997 ACT Form ST2

2 Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests from 1996

1996 ACT Form 52C; 1996 ACT Form ST1

Additional Official ACT QAS & Practice Tests

ACT Form 1MC; ACT Form 2MC; ACT Form 3MC; ACT Form 4MC; ACT Form 5MC; ACT Form 16MC1; ACT Form 16MC2; ACT Form 16MC3; Practice Test - ACT Form 0359F - 2005-6; Practice Test - ACT Form 0661C - 2007-8; Practice Test - ACT Form 0964E - 2011-2 (same as 2009-10)


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